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♥ "You must stay drunk on writing, so reality cannot destroy you." ♥


Poetry (sub 20 lines)
:bulletblack: brief poems of less than 20 lines
:bulletblack: can be freeform, rhyming, etc.
:bulletblack: feel free to send me examples of the theme to inspire me - art, music, other poems, etc.
Poetry (up to 100 lines)
:bulletblack: longer poems of up to and around 100 lines
:bulletblack: prefer freeform for this kind of poetry, but can also work with you to create exactly the flavour you want from it
:bulletblack: give me lots of resources to draw from for this theme that you have picked out - art, music, other literature, etc.
Prose (sub 500 words)
:bulletblue: short stories of less than 500 words
:bulletblue: can be in any style you want, but do take note of my own variety in my gallery
:bulletblue: please try to give as detailed a description of what you want as possible for me!
Prose (more than 1000 words)
:bulletblue: all longer prose including and above 1000 words
:bulletblue: please take note of the style of the longer pieces in my gallery, but do suggest a style you are particularly fond of and I can adapt
:bulletblue: giving me a clear idea of how you want it to end is vital for longer pieces
Translation (prose and poetry)
:bulletpink: I have a decent grasp of French, Spanish, Latin, and Icelandic
:bulletpink: for pieces to be translated into English
:bulletpink: commission price is variable, taking into account the length and complexity of the piece to be worked on - price mentioned is the starting point, or minimum price


:pointr: particles of the universe by benh zeitlin :pointl:

A cup of beauty by arefin03

IIYou make me feel how I was once,
when I knew how to love.
A caged gem in the universe.
Out of my hands you drift away.
Tusk Life - six-word storyThey breathe, they live, we die. God's WillSuddenly,
You came into my life,
When I was looking for anyone,
And I decided to fight,
For a person who was someone,
Who was right in Gods eyes,
Things are falling perfectly together,
I guess you and I were meant to be together

Untitled by IrinaJoanne

"When it all goes quiet behind my eyes...

Underwater-loveHolding my breath.
My hair floating around.
Fill up the washbowl.
All you can see is the air above.
Deaf, for the rest of the world.
In my little aquarium.
Spending days, until I forget.
But when I leave, it comes back.
The GargoylesWhen the day is dead, and the sun has set, they take flight. The Gargoyles open their eyes and spread their wings, the last hints of the evening sun shines through the thinly cut stone. It's winter time, now, and a thin layer of ice has attached itself to the earth. The Gargoyles love this time of the year, because the nights are the longest and the darkest. This time of year, The night skies are dark enough for the Gargoyles to fly unnoticed by humans, so long as they are sneaky. The young stone creatures all giggle and play with each other, unaware that humans are sleeping only feet away. The elder gargoyles tell them to shush by putting their wrinkled, moss covered fingers against their lips. “Shh!” They go, unaware that they are being louder than the young Gargoyles. The mischievous young ones ignore the warnings, and they fly through the evening air anyway, leaving their elders to enjoy their time alone without any interruption.
It is the beginning of the winter night,
FlickeringFlickering in and out of bed,
A luminescent light is shed
Upon one thought.

...I see everything that made me lying around in invisible pieces."

. . . by sandrawiklander:

IciclesWe begin a pair of modest beads:
Formless and fluid,
One would consume the other
If our paths ever crossed.
We stand apart, and in time take form;
We grow into nubs,
Hardened by persistence and experience,
We are rooted, unable to meld.
Time passes, and we are stressed;
Molded by the heat of trials,
Reinforced by cool, dogged perseverance
To adhere to life and endure.
Each trial adds to our forms,
Each bead of sweat, a length to our character.
We find ourselves more defined:
No longer nubs, but pillars hanging closer together.
We continue to grow in our ways,
And in time we grow together:
Our experiences allow us to meld,
Our familiarity grants us compassion.
At last we become as one:
Two solid entities bound together.
Nourishing and supporting the self and other,
We push onwards as long as life endures.
Pure HumanityHumans turn pure when abyss ends. harkthundering
to deaf ears
'there is
rain, there
is rain'
it's been a
desert for some time,
now, not of this
earth; and your rain
is acid, it only
burns and your
words do not quench
this yawning thirst,
if you want to find me, I am
but you are blind.

Clinomania by nedrekarr113

quote and music from benh zeitlin's beasts of the southern wild [2012]

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Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
DLRs: 2 {x} {x}
DDs: 3 {x} {x} {x}
DLDs: 3 {x} {x} {x}

Hi, there! :ahoy: You can call me Cee, if you like. I love poetry, prose, languages, music and the sea. :love:

If you ever want to get to know me better, drop me a note, and we can share social networking details! :happybounce:

It's a joy to see such a tight-knit community here on DeviantART, and I am eternally grateful to everyone who has supported me and really made me feel at home. I am especially honoured by those who take the time to :+fav: and even comment on my work. Every word you post about my pieces will help me to improve and show everyone who I am in a better manner.

And if you're looking for a literature artist to admire the work of, please take a look at my "friends" list. Those are some of the best writers I have met, talked to and critiqued as well as some truly lovely people. Do pay them a visit and read their work; they deserve it. Spread some :dalove:!

I look forward to hearing from you!



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