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:pointr: varðeldur by sigur rós :pointl:

I would be drowned if your eyes were sea. by CathyDong

the gardenersMy father is a good man.
His hands, dry and
callused, carry a case
of Corona Lite
to the gardeners in
our backyard.
Big-brimmed hats cast
shadows down their faces,
and a pile of thick,
gray gloves lies
on the glass table.
The beer looks like liquid
gold in those clear bottles,
and condensation clings
to the glass like the sweat
beading at their brows.
My father and the gardeners
drink, laughing like they’ve
known one another for years.
There is nothing
that brings men together
better than beer
on a hot day.
How the waves tasted your anklesSince you are the only sailor
of the sea that my moon-
child eyes so easily bleed,
I crumble to shoreline pieces
every time I press my lips
to half-neglected sea glass,
haunted by visions of the way
you rolled cherries on your tongue.
StarsYou fill me up with bubbles,
dreams and futures floating for me.
Using a line of chalk to draw my life plans on me,
outlining where we can go together.
Stars scribbled across my forehead,
highway across my belly.
Breathing in the cars, making a map of our love.

Up to the air by CathyDong

The greatest self is a peaceful smile,

SilenceI don't know what to say
but I have been silent to long
my poetry has been lacking
and now I have finally wrote
Sometime writers block
wraps words around our lips
and tie up our hands
so the words cannot flow
Silence is still good
You get to see the world
from a whole new view
without interference
My style is mostly freestyle
I like rhymes
but they don't seem to fit
sometimes my poems aren't worth it
My words have been hushed
for so long, unconnected
trying to get back in the rhythm
of words and feelings
Its always hard to break the chains
even though people
from the side
just yell "they are made of paper"
People don't understand
the weight of being a writer
unless you have wrote your innermost feelings
and bled out your soul onto paper
Forgiveness"I'm sorry," he whispers from the door, his voice cracking.
    Tears are threatening to spill from his eyes.  I should've been there, I should've been faster, I should've been able to help, he keeps saying to himself. She didn't hear him yet, at least, he doesn't, think so, but even if she did, she probably wouldn't have moved. The only light coming into the small room is from the window, and like his heart, the skies are overcast, giving the room an even more dismal atmosphere.
    His hands curl and unfold with anxiety. He notices that his mouth is suddenly dry and his tongue feels too big for his mouth. He swallows hard, trying to push down his nervousness.
    The two haven't really spoken in a few weeks. One-sided conversations here and there; he thinks it helps her to hear about normal life occurrences. He thinks it might distract her from all of the terrifying experiences she went through. He hears that she'll only speak sometimes, with Asami,
carpe diemwith a quicksilver silver of a smile,
she finally lets go
as the beat of the music
mirrors her pounding heart.
strobe lights and singing teenagers
mix with fog to overwhelm the senses
but she's never felt quite so clear.
she's been ditched by someone she calls a friend and
is hanging with girls who never remember her name,
but it's somehow okay because
it isn't like the night will last longer than
a few hours (and she's gonna be happy,
dammit, because the lights are low and
she can dance without worrying what they'll think.)
people describe eyelashes casting shadows
on cheekbones but really, her night isn't about
those quiet moments at two in the morning,
that she remembers in moments of vulnerability;
her night is about forgetting to be afraid
and learning how to just live.

...that always sees the world smiling back.

Corsica by Annabelle-Chabert

Silhouetting Silence (005)You scraped
unbreakable vows to the dead
into red bricks and tile floors
with jagged fingernails,
huffing snarls at the moon
to hide the noise
of your grief.
When the sun peaked
outside time-dusted windows,
you locked yourself away
and left me surrounded
by silence.
Loss was heavy
on my shoulders,
a corset tight around my ribs,
closest to noon;
I spent my days
silhouetting your words
with numb fingers
and a tongue tied with screams,
wondering where--
if at all--
I was buried.
SoldierToday I go to war.
To me it is an honor to represent and defend my country from the enemy.
And who exactly is the enemy?
They are horrible cold blooded creatures that will immediately kill me as soon as they see me, for they do not have any emotions, any heart; they are the enemy, just that.
If I see one of them I shoot, no questions asked, this is a world of kill or be killed.
Finally the time has come, I’m ready and determination fills my gaze as I march towards the battle.
The moment I was waiting for arrives. There is one of them right in front of me, so I quickly get out my gun and without thinking it twice I shoot it.
I feel great.
"That's one of many." I think to myself as I get closer to admire the corpse of the beast.
Suddenly all of the enthusiasm, determination, will and pride vanish away as in the fallen soldier I see myself dressed up in another uniform.
Calender ManMy steps
ask me why
I tread. 
I've been
dead for a full week. 
My arms are x's
and my elbows - checkers. 
I only see tomorrow.
I only think about the microwave
when it screams
for me to stop. 
My lisp is chewy,
quick-line subscript
to match the scribbles
speckling my elbows.
"Hello, sunset.
My steps are heavy."

Esquisse by Annabelle-Chabert

quote by bryant mcgill

Please be kind enough to :+fav: this, so that more people will see it!

And extra special feature today as it marks my third year on this account. Thank you all for the support and the inspiration. Still going strong since '11! :love:



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Hi, there! :ahoy: You can call me M, if you like. I love poetry, prose, music and the sea. :love:

It's a joy to see such a tight-knit community here on DeviantART, and I am eternally grateful to everyone who has supported me and really made me feel at home. I am especially honoured by those who take the time to :+fav: and even comment on my work. Every word you post about my pieces will help me to improve and show everyone who I am in a better manner.

And if you're looking for a literature artist to admire the work of, please take a look at my "friends" list. Those are some of the best writers I have met, talked to and critiqued as well as some truly lovely people. Do pay them a visit and read their work; they deserve it. Spread some :dalove:!

I look forward to hearing from you!



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