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♥ "You must stay drunk on writing, so reality cannot destroy you." ♥

If there was one word you could use to describe yourself, what would it be? 

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:pointr: the mercy of the living by bear mccreary :pointl:

The One And Lonely by gilad

Moon slumberI have enclosed my heart
inside this song
and took your own as well
for company but
don't waste
on my red dress
I will change it
for white hems
and lace, I'll leave my grasp
imprinted on your jacket
going then to sleep
till spring time returns
till the sun caresses me
with cordial love
Two Sentence Story They said they were going to unplug me tomorrow. Can't they hear me scream "I am alive"? Sweatsummer comes full circle only in the moments we are closest,
when the water in your skin drips out
and heals my drought. as a gardener, i love you
between the rows, on your knees to weed out
what won’t flower between us.
when the weather holds out
we reap the rewards.
my bedroom isn’t ever hot until we close the windows,
strip down and make even the skulls on my dresser sweat;
of the hundred some odd nights we’ll spend together this season
i’ll try to remember these.

Winter Sky Vue 7.5+ Atmosphere by dmaland

"There are some things you don't come back from.

Living DaylightsQuite simply,
he was there
until he wasn't.
Stuck in black within
the corners of my vision,
I found him staring
as I bent over the kitchen sink,
saying "Hail Mary"
and ignoring his shape
limp-crawling closer
and impossibly tall,
collapsing in on himself.
I could not place him
unless I found him centered
in my sight,
and though I tried,
he slipped consistently sideways
and forward.
Needle-fingers curling on the counter edge,
dead-minnow breath rattling soft.
Trembling, I shut my eyes
and felt his presence gone.
I can only keep my eyes closed
for so long.
HPM: The 30thIt was the dark ages. It was the day plumes of smoke and ash commanded the skies. Pyroclastic flows snuffing out thousands of lives on one mighty gulp! It was, oh how it was! It was the darkest of days! The blackest, the most void of hope! Where was the sun!? Where was the joy of laughter!? Where was her youth?
There a body lay flattened on a bed of smooth shimmering sheet. The head which bore red eyes laid to its side as fingers played with subtle winkles in the fabric, chasing each wave of reflection till it ebbed or caught in shadows.
Around her body was a subtle yellow stola with loose fabric that did not hug her frame, and a loosely wrapped palla. Yes, she had chosen a feminine garb for the historical competition that had plagued the islands with worthless, and unrealistic, toga parties. Why, if they had all stripped naked and sped to the arena she would have found their antics somewhat more tolerable, if not just due to an accurate portrayal of ancient culture.
Supple lips pulled
mind over matter, me over youi'm a forced insomniac
not getting enough sleep is
supposedly bad for your body, but
i seem to write better from between
half-closed eyelids, and maybe
that's proof that us poets are
more words than matter from the beginning
funny how we can find
lovely ideas in the headlights
of cars speeding down the freeway
i feel like we’re all
a little too sweet and bitter
to get by smoothly in this world, because
we can play with words
but not so much with feelings
(the sky was electric-yellow-blue
yesterday morning
and i don’t want to get out
of bed today)
phantom phrases dribble through
the ever-widening cracks in our hearts
do you think we hurt on purpose
so we have something to write about?
i’m not saying this is all for
someone you pretend (want) to be
in love with
(eighth grade, i liked
to write about a boy with
green glass eyes)
but i think i’m more in love
with what comes from that place
between my chest
and my stomach
than some kind of idea
of perfection.

You either live with them, or you don't."

rust by panosozi

10-15-14remember that time when
we spoke some sort of
and while I can never
be happy I was for
that while while I was
focused by you held in
rapt conversation by
what must surely be
simply making the best
of a bad situation
confident that time
passes no matter how
slowly and you would
as you were reminded
never see me again
I am sorry I apologize
I cannot be what I am
not but at least I can
be organized about it
I cannot shrink away
hide from reality I am
always here in my mind
and can escape away in
to there to count sort
distract feel but not
understand you and
fear what I do not
The Gospel of JoeWhen you want to describe the end, how do you begin? I suppose I could start the end with “In the beginning,” given the religious undertones at play, but I've never been good at jokes. Which is sad because there was plenty of understated irony to chuckle at as the world crumbled.
Now, missing persons reports get filed all the time. I've filed plenty during my years at the NYPD. But when hundreds of thousands spontaneously disappear in a single moment the world over, eyebrows rise. At first, they called it The Rapture. By “they” I mean the sarcastic fucks on the Internet and the late night talk circuit. Then video evidence of people vanishing surfaced on the internet, though it was quickly followed by parody “evidence.”
Still, even with all the doubters, when you have such a widespread phenomenon, you have too many credible witnesses and too much solid evidence for the masses to ignore. Religious leaders were forced to speak on the absurd notion that
UntitledIn the dark I wander
wonder far inside; think
the universe contracts
revolves inside of me.
Sleep stands a vigil
just a thought out of reach.
Galaxies spiral across the expanse of mind...
supernovae flare
when sleepless thoughts collide.

440 by Gonacas

quote and music from frank darabont's the walking dead [2010 -]

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Hi, there! :ahoy: You can call me M, if you like. I love poetry, prose, music and the sea. :love:

If you ever want to get to know me better, drop me a note, and we can share social networking details! :happybounce:

It's a joy to see such a tight-knit community here on DeviantART, and I am eternally grateful to everyone who has supported me and really made me feel at home. I am especially honoured by those who take the time to :+fav: and even comment on my work. Every word you post about my pieces will help me to improve and show everyone who I am in a better manner.

And if you're looking for a literature artist to admire the work of, please take a look at my "friends" list. Those are some of the best writers I have met, talked to and critiqued as well as some truly lovely people. Do pay them a visit and read their work; they deserve it. Spread some :dalove:!

I look forward to hearing from you!



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